Digital Marketing has created quite a buzz in the marketing world. Everyone is talking about going digital. Marketers are opting to join digital marketing courses to get a better understanding of this new tool. Being digitally literate is important in the current scenario.

What is Digital Marketing?

Any advertising that gets delivered using a digital medium is digital marketing.   Digital Marketing helps in promoting your products through different forms of electronic media, analyzing the online market and implementing marketing campaigns in real time to generate results. The job of a digital marketer involves keeping a constant tab on customers’ online behavior- what do customers view, how often they view it, what channels do they use e.g. tab, laptop, mobile etc. Tracking your customers’ interest and delivering the right product at the right place, at the right time helps you grow at a faster pace.

What are the benefits of Digital Marketing?

·      Provides an equal platform to all players, small or big:  Regardless of the size of your business, you get a level field to compete with your rivals. A well presented, user friendly website of your organization

·       Pocket friendly: Digital media is a very cost effective medium as compared to the tradition modes like print or electronics.

·       Accurately measurable: The best thing about digital media is that you can track your advertisements success or failure in real time and make the required changes immediately if needed. Google Analytics helps you to measure specific goals that you want to set and achieve for your website at a defined time.

·        Best Lead Generation tool: You could build your brand integrity through lead generation activities online which in turn creates a brand value of your organization and impacts the decision making of your customers.

·        Reach: Your business could be small or big, but your virtual presence could garner a worldwide recognition for your brand at a very low cost. You could optimize your keywords and get returns from them for a long time

·       Go Viral Instantly: Social media share buttons are most widely used mediums for sharing your messages or announcements on your website quickly and widely

·       Engages without being intrusive: You could engage your customers by providing a regular dose of informative content. This medium is non intrusive, yet helps you to reach out to your target audience. If a certain topic is of interest, the customer likes to get regular updates on it, provided it is not a direct sales pitch.

Should I include digital marketing in my marketing budget?

The answer is: absolutely yes! Traditional marketing can no more work in a silo. Customers are growing aware of the market. They do not wait for the information to come to them. They search for information themselves. The medium used to look up for such information is most of the times, online. Digital media is now the most sought after source of entertainment, shopping, news, and social networking these days. Consumers also base their decisions on various other influencers like friends and family. Your digital presence would help to build your brand’s trustworthiness and authenticity in the consumers as well as influencers minds which would further lead to revenue generation.

I have a small business. Do I still need to strengthen my presence online?

Yes. Digital media has the maximum impact on the customers’ decisions. If you want to be present, be present online for sure. Any business which chooses to stay away from the new digital marketing era, stands a high chance of redundancy sooner or later. A blend of traditional as well as digital marketing in your media plan would be the ideal plan.

What should I do to become a digital marketing professional?

To transform from a traditional marketing person to a digital marketing professional, a digital marketing training comes handy. Taking the help of digital marketing trainers from a reputed institute helps to expand your horizon and leads to your smooth transition and upgradation from a traditional marketer to a professional digital marketer.

What should be my criterion to search for a digital marketing institute?

While looking for a good training institute for yourself, you should keep in mind that the quality of trainers makes all the difference. If you are trained by the best trainers in the industry, your understanding of the subject will be stupendous. A good institute also extends a lifetime support to its students for future obstacles faced on the professional front.


Where can I find a good digital marketing training institute in Delhi?

Your search ends here. We at Simply Digital take pride for having the best faculty in the industry. Our trainers have a pedigree of IIT and IIM and we feel elated to get fabulous feedback from our outgoing students. We ensure a holistic understanding of the subject for our students and a lifetime support to them if required.

What are the career opportunities after completing a Digital Marketing Course?

Digital Marketing is essential in all organizations in today’s scenario. This means there is a huge need of digital marketers. Opportunities are numerous. You could either train to be a digital marketer, handling all aspects of digital marketing or else hone your skills to be a specialist in a particular part of digital marketing, like SEO Specialist, Content Marketer, Adwords Specialist, Social Media Specialist etc. After the completion of your digital marketing course, you could also follow the area of your interest and work as a freelance expert in any of the fields of digital marketing and take home a handsome salary.

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