isOMS(Integrated Secure Operations Management System)
  • Request Management
  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Change Management
  • Service Management
  • CMDB(Asset Management)

isOMS Key Features:

  • isOMS has predefined ITIL workflows for Incident, Request, Problem and Change Management.
  • isOMS has a built-in service management module, which will enable Customer to document all the contracts and services, they have under their control.
  • isOMS has built-in Configuration management module, which will allow documenting all asset management details of each location/department.
  • isOMS has a known error database that will allow admin to document known issues to speed up the resolution process.

isOMS Helps You Pro

  • Quickly route requests to the right support
  • Increase productivity for helpdesk agents, support staff and users
  • Track performance against service level agreement to ensure that commitments are met
  • Search solutions with the help of specified keywords.
  • Facilitates impact and analysis of changes with respect to CIs
  • Reduce call support duration and volumes.
  • Establishes a historical record of service disruptions and resolutions for reuse and analytics.

A complete CMDB (Configuration management database) to document and manage the IT Assets.
An Incident management module to track and communicate about all issues occurring in the IT.
A change management module to plan and track the changes to the IT environment.
A known error database to speed up the resolution of incidents.
An outage module to document all planned outages and notify the appropriate contacts.
Dashboards to quickly get an overview of your IT.

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