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Start a next generation auction website with our ABARIS Auction Pro – OOPD software. While internet becoming huge the possibilities are getting bigger, there is huge gap between the people & new niches that can be tapped. ABARIS Square Inc has extensive experience in Auction web design & development / building Auction websites. We create custom software to match the needs of each specific portal. Run your own powerful auction service, including full bidding and buy it now auctions, and earn revenue with each auction posted.


The features on the website below rival the best of the best and are constantly evolving to stay ahead of the curve.


Global Features

Site news New !

Completely dynamic, & Easy to manage from Admin

Custom develop your auction software

Pre – formatted Store Front Design Templates.

WYSIWYG Html Editor.

Fully Customizable Site Design and HTML

Customizable Item Display

Customized Product Search and site Browsing.

All Web Browser Compatibility

Web based setup wizard.

Easy installation script

No editing of the php source files! Upload and install with easy.

Flexible template system allows you to easily change design.

Protection from Hackers

Web based Administration tool.

Supports Multiple Payment Gateways


Site News

The dashboard of ABARIS Auction Pro – OOPD 3.1, itself provides you many different features. Users can post their company NEWS or Latest Business Updates via the ‘Site News’ module



Customer can post their items in a Store to increase the viewability. Store schemes can be set by the administrator and the number of items in the store too can be decided. As an ABARIS Auction Pro – OOPD Store owner, seller has to pay the scheme fee corresponding to selected store level. Sellers get powerful and easy-to-use tools that enable them to develop their own brand and encourage buyers to purchase more.


EBay Feedback

Customer can view the posted item’s sellers feedback with a valid ebay Id. Normally in ABARIS Auction Pro – OOPD, user can view the feedback from other ABARIS Auction OOPD 3.1 members. User will get the feedback in two different ways like Feedback as Buyer and Feedback as Seller. From here, user can see the his own auction list and can go to his own store. In addition, if a seller has an user id in the eBay site. Then using ABARIS Auction Pro – OOPD, buyer can view the feedbacks got by seller in eBay site.


Commission Management

The administrator can receive commissions in terms of transaction fee, listing fee,and other special fee like border,Highlights. The Commission will be collected when the items got sold in the market. Admin can set the commission fee for every auction type. Admin can set the commission percentage based on the final sale value of the item.


Weekly & Monthly Reports

The Administrator can view weekly and monthly status of all auction types i.e., Simple auction,Fixed auction,Dutch type auction, Lowest unique bid auction and Highest unique bid auction. Based on these reports he can derive inputs. ABARIS Auction Pro – OOPD provides you reports for every auction types in daily weekly and monthly basis. Admin can view the reports for every auction types, commissions, user management and so on. It makes Admin to get an idea of site easily and it provides reports like bar chart.


Business Intelligence

The various BI charts provide the site admin a brief input about that have the most sales and other similar generated reports that might be of use the administrator to make effective decisions. In the Dash board of Admin Panel, the BI Charts will be listed to know the statistics of site. The charts will be designed in graphical representation and looks more attractive. BI Charts helps you to get an idea about whole site easily.


Searching Auctions

Since many people do not have time to sit and browse through lists, ABARIS Auction Pro – OOPD provides comprehensive search functionality. Searching is powerful and flexible. Users can search with multiple keywords within a category that interest them or the entire auction database. Searches can even include all the active auctions posted by a particular user. ABARIS Auction Pro – OOPD makes it easy for visitors to find the items that interest them.


Featured Auctions

Customer can look for Featured auction displayed in the homepage of the auction site. For the items to come up on the featured list in, administrator has complete control over it. While posting the item, seller will select for item to be listed in featured auction. To be listed, seller must pay the listing fee and after completing the payment the item will get display in the featured section available in home page.


E-Mail Management

Mail Management helps Admin to enable the actions for sending mails to user for every activities. By default, we are providing 13 mail types like after sign up, after posting items, posting invoice, after won a bid, after loss a bid, after store published, reserve price met, when admin suspend a user, when dispute arises, after out bidden, after a buyer sent a question, password change, when items in watch list has been closed.


Hot Auctions

Hot Auctions is the list of auctions displayed in the Hot Listing area allocated in the homepage. So Admin has to set the criteria for displaying an auction under Hot Listing area. Admin can set the criteria based on the number of bids, its price, number of hot auctions to be displayed and so on. Admin can view the list of auctions to be displayed today, tomorrow and all in the Hot Listing.


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