System introduction:

Created as a solution for education institutes Abaris IMS caters to all the needs of the institutes with features ranging from basic attendance recording to the very complex task of various types of reports and everything in between. IMS is customizable and very user friendly which makes it easy to use by everyone.


  • Ease of use with online high quality interface
  • A comprehensive set of features.
  • Complete automation of the Institutes key tasks
  • Easy search options
  • Complete back-up and restore of information
  • Ability to send SMS’s
  • Easier access to Information like MIS, management reports and reminder.
  • Letters, etc, as well as more accurate and faster results from statistical analyses.
  • Reduces errors and eliminating the ennui of long and repetitive manual processing.
  • Greater accountability and transparency in operations.
  • Improved efficiency and effectiveness in administration and management as it has unprecedented access to real-time information.


  • Manage Student Information Efficiently.
  • Trace Student Attendance
  • Record Student Billing and Payments made.
  • Communicate with Students or Parents easily.
  • Automate Registration & Admission
  • Countless Reports Generation
  • SMS alert facility
  • Assignment, inquiry follow up
  • Maintain Attendance detail Efficiently
  • And also various modules such as: Admin; Inquiry; Account; Admission; SMS; Assignment; Results; Attendance


  • Permits automation of all aspects of Institute like assignment submissions, enrolments etc.
  • Helps monitor student’s activities including attendance and assignment tracking.
  • Makes it easy to Record and Track payments and billings lessening the burden on the finance department.
  • Easy and open communication between students and faculties helps ease up a lot of tasks of both the parties involved

USP Unique Selling Point:

Institute Management is a system with which it is very easy for the management to monitor and analyze the working of the faculty and the students and also keep track of all the paperwork and the finances of the organization. The system also help the faculty to keep track of the students attendance and also assist with the assignments, the students also benefit from the system as it makes it easier to track their progress, submit assignments and see their payments.


The system benefits all the members’ involved in the institute from the management, the faculty, the students and all the personals in between. The system accomplishes this by facilitating an open and transparent environment which is beneficial to all.

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