End-to-End Exam Management Solution for Schools
1)    Completely web based – requires no setup, hardware investments.

2)    Automated marks to grades conversion for Scholastic 1A & remarks for Co-Scholastic areas.

3)    Supports CCE for Classes I to Xth, including primary sections & new VI-VIII guidelines.

4)    Detailed Performance Statistics & Electronic generation of data for CBSE submission.
Key Advantages ” 100 % Configurable “
1)    Fully Flexible Administrative setup -Define your own indicators, examinations, report cards.

2)    Detailed Formative Assessment Tools – Sub Assessments.

3)    Scholastic Up gradation based on Co-scholastic grade point.

4)    Improvement Examinations & Promotions.

5)    Handling absenteeism & exemptions.

6)    Grading Calendar for Security.

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