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Abaris Softech is a multi-dimensional motion, which involves proficiency at almost every level. Good portals involve a suitable combination of design and content in concurrence with other services offered to the user. E-commerce has revolutionized the way business is done and enterprises today need to publish real-time information on products, services, applications and processes on the Internet in order to reach out to huge online markets. B2C (business to consumer) portals optimize business growth, enhance efficiencies, expand distribution channels and ensure competitive advantage in vertical marketplaces.


Linked with electronic commerce, it also covers the financial statement and other types of businesses. Businesses to Customer relationships are often welcomed and civilized through some form of internet marketing. B2C Application Development helps you in your future for your business prospects. B2C – E – Commerce Solution helps in shopping easily and quickly and in a more convenient way so that your customer is satisfied In this system, offerings and prices can change immediately by giving technical skill in variety of development platforms. These mechanical skills are well supported by the graphics and the user front-end image team who beautify and give a pleasing look to the Portal. Business to customer and Business to Business are all exchangeable now to some level over the internet depending on what you want and how you want it and how much. So, in today’s world, this portal is used in every day-to-day business purposes.


Abaris and B2C Application Development:

Abaris Softech PVT LTD is leading Web Portal Development Firm in India which provides B2C Portal Development, ASP.Net B2C Portal, B2C PHP Portal Development, B2C Ecommerce Solution and B2C Portal Application Development.


Our B2C services include:

B2C Website design, application

B2C Applications

B2C Software Development

Business Process Automation & Implementation

Application Development (Microsoft .NET-based Web Solutions0

Support technologies such as CGI/Perl, PHP, WEB Logic, JavaScript, XML and XSL.

Content & Document Management

Systems Integration

High-end Web Hosting


Our other portal developments are:

B2B portal

Shopping portal

Tours and travel portal

Community portal

Hotel booking portal

Online auction portal

Dating portal

Blog solution portal

Matrimonial portal

On-line job portal

On-line E-tender portal


Along with portal development we also engaged in to provide Offshore Software Development for both PHP and .net development.

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